Custom Software Development

Our team of experienced software developers and architects are able to design and successfully roll out complex programming projects. 

Whilst much of our experience to date has been in producing innovative products for the telecommunications industry, CCL has sufficient expertise to design and consult clients in any industry requiring innovative complex computer systems as part of their commercial strategy.

Our consultants and software engineers are highly trained and have a proven track record in producing solutions tailored to the needs of industries as diverse as programmatic mobile advertising or the defence industry.


Our work in the defence Industry has brought us into contact with many state of the art and unusual technologies. The demanding requirements of the defence industry equip us with skills and discipline which we now apply across a broad industry spectrum

Defence applications require:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Resilience
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Minimum System Maintenance possible

In sonar and tracking applications, the data sources are very important, and the following must be identified, along with their associated risks:

  • The sources and their interfaces (hardware and software) to the system
  • Their complexity
  • Their data rates
  • Their availability (or lack of availability)
  • New hardware and new techniques are often required to keep Defence systems as advanced as possible.
  • Before the system can be designed, the potential risks associated with any of these must be analysed. It must be proven that they can be addressed satisfactorily.


Sonar has inherently complex mathematical problems that require time-efficient coding. Sonar systems all experience the following common constraints:

  • Failure to maintain data-rates through the system causes all subsequent output to be useless
  • Data loss cannot be tolerated, since lost data can never be recovered
  • It is therefore imperative that the system runs reliably and consistently to a set data-rate

ANCADS — Ambient Noise Calculation and Display System

ANCADS uses sonar algorithms to estimate the ambient noise that is contaminating a sonar image and reducing sonar performance. It suggests changes to a ship’s course to improve sonar ranges. It incorporates real-time data analysis and a number of unusual displays.

Sonar Processing

Our solution, TRADS, provides real-time data processing and display of sonar data. In order to do this we had to use transputer and DSP (digital signal processor) arrays.

Tracking and Noise Ranging

TRADS, provides real-time data processing of sonar data. Expert systems are then used to identify noise sources. The data is the presented to the operator graphically, to allow them to be further identified or compared with historical records (which are held in a database).

Sonar Analysis

Once the sonar is captured, our analysis software then presents it to the operator. In order to derive meaning from the sonar data stream, we had to develop complex mathematical software to analyse it.

Sonar data is not something that has to be represented in a manner different to most other data. To this end CCL had to develop a variety of non-standard graphical user interfaces (e.g. scrolling waterfall displays, harmonic cursors) to display the data, and use non-standard means of user interaction devices (e.g. voice, touch-screen, tracker-ball) to drive the software.

Naval Command and Control

Integration of disparate real-time sensor data into a coherent display suitable for use by a submarine commander or ship’s captain.

Mature Products

All of our mature products are still available and are fully supported although they are no longer being actively developed or enhanced. 

This demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients avoid forced system swap-outs of high quality systems.

For information on our mature products please contact us either by telephone or through the contact page.

  • Gfox HP 2397, HP2392 Terminal emulator
  • CityNet – an integrated inter-process, inter-system scheduling and control system
  • RTMS – early versions of IRTMS EMS
  • Command and control systems
  • DSP and Sonar Processing

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