Copper plant faults (opens, shorts and grounds) are commonplace on the copper plant, particularly where it is not maintained proactively. These faults cause lengthy delays to the resolution of consumer fault reports, which in turn cause the operating costs of customer service to rise exponentially as system reliability plummets.

When a fault report is received by a consumer, the first action by the telecoms service provider is to test the consumer’s circuit. Where the copper plant infrastructure is poorly maintained, it will not be possible to pinpoint where the fault is an engineer will have to be dispatched out to ascertain the source of the trouble manually. On a large scale, this manual solution is time consuming, costly and inefficient.

A majority of engineer dispatches need not take place either because the root cause was not in the field or the testing equipment has failed to pinpoint the location of the fault on account of equipment failures, port problems, software bugs or inadequate upgrades to cope with increased demand on the plant.

Setting new global benchmarks for proactive service restoration


Our measurement and testing software and hardware drastically reduces the number of dispatches to the field, particularly in connection with assuring bandwidth capability, whilst creating a more efficient and sustainably run copper plant and increasing consumer satisfaction.


CCL’s software and hardware solutions set new benchmarks for speed, reliability, accuracy and sophistication.
Not only do our test sets test physical layer problems, they are able to identify bandwidth problems and identify the root cause of the fault on the line so that the telecoms service provider can restore consumer service promptly. 

Unlike many of our competitors, our hardware and software solutions offer additional longitudinal noise and metallic noise diagnostic functionalities, which not only improve the quality of service provision but also increase safety on the lines for staff and consumers alike.


Targeted test and element management hardware and software solutions

CCL offers test management, element management and fully automated test solutions to telecoms service providers. 

We preserve the value of client investment in technology by eliminating forced end of life swap-outs and through producing high quality products and services to our clients across the globe. 

Our support service costs are not index linked and remain among the lowest in the sector.

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