IRTMS Integrated Remote Test Management System


A web enabled, state of the art EMS 

IRTMS is a web enabled, state of the art Element Management System used to maintain over 10 million circuits across the world. It has a consistent northbound interface and controls a variety of different test and access control hardware. It has been designed to offer better than 99.99% availability.



IATM Intelligent Automation Test Manager

A version of IATM has been operational in the UK telecoms network for many years, where, as an ISDN Automatic Test Management system, it has fully automated the complex trouble-ticket diagnostic process of complex products.

IATM is used to perform and manage the trouble-ticket analysis and management of ISDN Primary Rate, and ISDN Basic Rate. Another form of IATM performs complex diagnostics and test management for various forms of private subscriber circuits.

Both variants produce significant business benefits with zero touch trouble-ticket handling up to 80%.



iPool Intelligent Distributed Hardware Device Pooling

iPool is an innovative product which provides extensive remote communication ports from Sun Solaris SPARC/X86 systems providing access to and full control of multiple serial ports, multiple modem ports, X25 PAD ports and raw X25 interfaces. This product has been used extensively within some of our large systems such as IRTMS.